154 | Washed Out | Bambooman | Si Begg

NWAQ, Delsin, Stones Throw, Accidental Jnr, Shitkatapult
Bambooman – ‘Whispers
released the 25th of august on Accidental Jnr
abstract alternative electronica and neo-soul

Accidental Records founder,
Matthew Herbert
on Intruders TV

Washed Out – ‘Mister Mellow
released the 30th of june on Stones Throw Records
versatile journey from psychedelic dub to synth-pop
via free-jazz, downtempo, deep house, neo-soul and hip hop

Stones Throw label manager Europe,
Alex Robinson
on Intruders TV

Si Begg – ‘Blueprints
released the 16th of june on Shitkatapult
gloomy cinematic post-industrial ambient to vintage kraut and sci-fi electronic soundscapes

Shitkatapult label co-owner,
Daniel Meteo
on Intruders TV

154 ‎– ‘Strike
originally released in 2004 on Delsin
and re-issued the 26th of june on NWAQ / APE
warm immersive ambient and atmospheric deep techno

aka Newworldaquarium
on Intruders TV

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