d_func. | Infaam Konijn | Aleksandar Grum | DJ Slip

4 EPs released on Paranoid Dancer, Elevate,
What Now Becomes and Missile
Aleksandar Grum – ‘Learning to Fly
released the 24th of august on What Now Becomes
deep & broken minimal techno

What Now Becomes label founders
Francesco Assenza and Andrea Ferlin
on Intruders TV

DJ Slip - ‘Sketches Vol. 1
released the 21th of november on Missile Records
(originally released in double vinyl in 1996)
abstract & minimalistic uptempo techno

Missile Records founder, Tim Taylor
on Intruders TV

d_func. ‎– ‘Patterns Of Confusion
released the 15th of luly on Paranoid Dancer
raw atmospheric tunneling techno

1st extract from the interview
with d_func. aka Alexander Kowalski

Full Video series… soon on Intruders TV
Infaam Konijn – ‘Rhino
released the 30th of september on Elevate
dub and hypnotic techno

Elevate label founders, Pig & Dan

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on Intruders TV


The Supermen Lovers | Exon Bacon | Willis Anne | DJ Lion & Tomy Wahl

4 EPs released on Word Up, Play Label,
Stay Underground it Pays and Time Has Changed
Willis Anne – ‘Synthesized
released the 6th of december on Stay Underground It Pays
ethereal deep raw analog house

Hardrock Striker,
fondateur de Stay Underground It Pays,
sur Intruders TV

Exon Bacon - ‘Doorbell
released the 8th of december on Play Label Records
lush spaced out jazzy house to melodic techno

Exon Bacon sur Intruders TV
Dj Lion / Tomy Wahl – ‘Lost Again EP
released the 16th of december on Time Has Changed Records
percussive whirring groovy house

Timid Boy,
manager de Time Has Changed Records,
sur Intruders TV

The Supermen Lovers – ‘Walking on the Moon EP
released the 6th of january on Word Up Records
shiny colorful disco, funk to groovy techno

The Supermen Lovers sur Intruders TV

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Pär Grindvik / Nihad Tule | Audiojack | Beta 2 | Rob Hes

4 EPs released on Stockholm LTD, Systematic,
Metalheadz Platinum and Sci+Tec

dark cavernous and atmospheric tunneling techno,
liquid d’n'b, eerie melo-minimal house

Rob Hes – ‘Tricks of the Trade
released the 9th of september on SCI+TEC

SCI+TEC label founder, Dubfire
on Intruders TV

Pär Grindvik / Nihad Tule – ‘Landmarks
released the 5th of september on Stockholm LTD

Pär Grindvik on Intruders TV
Beta 2 – ‘The Beats Inbetween EP
released the 2nd of august on Metalheadz Platinum

Metalheadz founder, Goldie
on Intruders TV

Audiojack – ‘Paradigm EP
released the 14th of october on Systematic

Systematic founder, Marc Romboy
on Intruders TV

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Wassermann | Igor Tipura | Audiomatiques & Mars Bill | Harry Judda

4 EPs released on Kompakt, Unknown to the Unknown,
Unrilis and Roska Kicks & Snares
Wassermann – ‘W.I.R. Remixe
digital re-issue the 11th of july on Kompakt
(vinyl originally released in may 2000 on Profan)
pop infected techno with grinding industrial and ethereal remixes

Wassermann aka Wolfgang Voigt
on Intruders TV

Harry Judda – ‘War Bonnet
released the 22nd of July on Roska Kicks & Snares
crossover bass music and rolling tribal techno

Roska Kicks & Snares label founder,
Roska on Intruders TV
(in duo-interview with Untold)

Audiomatiques Mars Bill – ‘Solar
released the 15th of july on Unrilis
heavy hitting driving techno with mind-bending trance flavors

Unrilis A&R, Luigi Madonna
on Intruders TV

Igor Tipura – ‘Dwams
released the 22nd of july on Unknown to the Unknown
trippy tweaky broken electro

DJ Haus on Intruders TV
(in duo-interview with DJ Stingray)

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Electric Rescue | Elomak | Timid Boy | Hugo LX / Tim 2T

4 EPs released on Virgo, Defined, Materialism and Mona
Tim 2T / Hugo LX – ‘Serving la Mona EP
released the 31th of october on Mona Musique
deep and soulful garage house

Nick V, fondateur de Mona Musique,
sur Intruders TV

Elomak - ‘Quantum Is the Code EP
released the 13th of may 2016 on Defined Music
freaky funky electro-hip-house

Elomak sur Intruders TV
Timid Boy - ‘Boom EP
released the 23rd of december on Materialism
techy groovy house

Timid Boy sur Intruders TV
Electric Rescue - ‘Men with blurred face EP
released the 6th of february on Virgo Records
hard-beating melodic and percussive to tunneling and hazy techno

Electric Rescue sur Intruders TV

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Mathias Kaden | Trevino | Kevin Over | Niko Schwind

4 EPs released on PETS recordings, Hotflush,
Mobilee and Stil Vor Talent
Kevin Over – ‘Dakota
released the 24th of june on mobilee
warm dubby minimal house

mobilee co-founder, Anja Schneider
on Intruders TV

Trevino – ‘Slide Away
released the 9th of september on Hotflush Recordings
trippy unusual epic versatile uptempo fusion
between techno and d’n'b/liquid/jungle

Hotflush Recordings founder,
Scuba on Intruders TV

Niko Schwind - ‘Mr. Plastik‘ (feat. Lil Magdalene)
released the 26th of august on Stil Vor Talent
melodic drama- cinematic vocal-tainted progressive and freaky techno

Stil Vor Talent label founder,
Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

Mathias Kaden – ‘Polyphonic EP
released the 18th of july on PETS Recordings
psyche colorful twisted percussive and beatless house

Mathias Kaden on Intruders TV

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Arnaud Rebotini | Voiski | Stereoscope | Bolis Pupul

4 EPs released on Blackstrobe, Sheik ‘N’ Beik,
Fondation and Deewee
Bolis Pupul - ‘Wèi? / Teknow
released the 27th of january on Deewee
melodic cosmic disco and psyche-bleep techno

les 2 Many DJs, fondateurs de Deewee
sur Intruders TV

Voiski ‎– ‘Soundless Pattern Of The Tortoise’s Walk
released the 27th of january on Sheik ‘N’ Beik Records
slinky groovy hypnotic and emotive soulful tunneling techno

Voiski sur Intruders TV
Arnaud Rebotini - ‘Desillusion
released the 9th of december on Blackstrobe Records
dark menacing distorted to mesmerizing sci-fi, acid and epic techno

Arnaud Rebotini sur Intruders TV
Stereoscope – ‘Clouds
released the 21st of november on Fondation Records
shiny energetic indie-rock and seductive blues-rock

Danton Eeprom,
fondateur de Fondation Records
sur Intruders TV

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Doms & Deykers ||| Mndsgn

2 albums released on 3024 and Stones Throw
MNDSGn – ‘Body Wash
released the 16th of september on Stones Throw Records
deep soul including nostalgic elements of early 80s
boogie, funk, jazz, fusion wave and 90s R&B sounds

Stones Throw label manager Europe,
Alex Robinson on Intruders TV

Doms & Deykers – ‘Evidence From A Good Source
released the 24th of october on 3024
spiritual and romantic melodic techno soul atmosphere

Martijn Deykers aka Martyn
on Intruders TV

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Pig&Dan / Alberto Ruiz | SLV | Perseus Traxx | Dateless

4 EPs released on Stickrecordings, Soma,
Future Flash and Dirtybird Select
Dateless – ‘A Whole Lot’
released the 8th of july on Dirtybird Select
moody bleep-tech and Latin funk rolling house

Dirtybird label founder,
Claude VonStroke on Intruders TV

Perseus Traxx ‎– ‘Machine Trax Vol 2
released the 17th of may on Future Flash
acid and etherall abstract experimental techno and futuristic electro

Perseus Traxx on Intruders TV
SLV – ‘Satellite
released the 29th of august on Soma Records
pulsating deep emotive techno

Soma Records founders,
Slam on Intruders TV

Pig & Dan / Alberto Ruiz – ‘Scalextric Remixes
released the 31th of may on Stickrecordings
euphoric percussive and atmospheric groovy techno

Pig & Dan on Intruders TV

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Shifted ||| DJ Slip

2 albums released on Hospital Productions and Missile Records
DJ Slip – ‘Slipotica
released the 18th of july on Missile Records
(originally released in Triple Vinyl in july 1997)
various electronic music genre revisited
on the basis of hypnotic and even mimalistic drumloops
xith subtle broken effects: house, techno,electro, breakbeat
and even dark analog close to electro breakbeat

and even dark analog trip-hop, no boundaries

Missile Records founder, Tim Taylor
on Intruders TV

Shifted – ‘Appropriation Stories
released the 18th of october on Hospital Productions
deep journe… as well introspectiv and mental as rolling abd swinging…
into experimental industrial minimal techno
with greyscale tones and monotone rhythm
tainted of intricating grindy and razor-sharp textures

Shifted on Intruders TV

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