Anja Schneider | Scuba | Perseus Traxx | P-Ben

from dreamy minimal to spacious textured dubby techno
via romantic acid house and groovy catchy techno

4 EPs released on Mobilee, Hotflush Recordings,
Titanic City and Detone
Anja Schneider - ‘Circle Culture
released the 10th of july on mobilee
dreamy hypnotic minimal techno

Anja Schneider on Intruders TV
Perseus Traxx – ‘The Magic Garden
released the 10th of june on Titanic City
rough’n'raw colorful Chicago house and EBM-infused
rolling romantic acid session

Perseus Traxx on Intruders TV
P-ben - ‘Age Of Reason EP
released the 3rd of august on Detone
groovy percussive catchy techno

Detone founder, Darren Emerson
on Intruders TV

Scuba - ‘PCP / Black on Black
released the 13th of july on Hotflush Recordings
shuffling spacious textured dubby techno

Scuba on Intruders TV

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Jozif | Nathan Surreal | Channel X | Dacover

from atmospheric house to french touch infused electro tech
via hypno-melodic groovy techno and rhythmic rolling dark house

4 EPs released on Leftroom Limited, Motech,
Stil Vor Talent and Boxon Records
Jozif – ‘A Million To One EP
released the 6th of july on Leftroom Limited
atmospheric bumpy drum house

Leftroom label founder, Matt Tolfrey
on Intruders TV

Nathan Surreal – ‘Area Code EP
released the 13th of july on Motech
hypno-melodic groovy techno

Motech label founder,
DJ 3000 on Intruders TV

Channel X – ‘X‘ (feat. Uone and Audiojack remixes)
released the 17th of july on Stil Vor Talent
rhythmic rolling dark house

Stil Vor Talent label founder,
Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

Dacover – ‘Trailer‘ (feat. Millimetric and Sovnger remixes)
released the 8th of june on Boxon Records
french touch infused pumpy electro tech grooves

Boxon Records founder,
Julien Minet on Intruders TV


Sovnger sur Intruders TV

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