Andrade | JBAG | Jay Ka | Collective Machine

from meditative deep house to groovy techy latina-infused house
via warm jazz-funk house and melodic 80′s pop infused nu-disco

4 EPs released on Innercircle, Continental Records, As It Is
and Time Has Changed Records
Jay Ka – ‘Stay Ground
released the 13th of april on As It Is
meditative dub funk infused Chicago-like deep house

Didier Allyne et John Sill,
fondateurs de As It Is
(subdivision de Syncrophone Recordings)
sur Intruders TV

Andrade – ‘The Alchemist EP
released the 7th of may on Innercircle
warm jazz-funk house

Andrade sur Intruders TV
JBAG - Everybody (Come On) [feat. Shindu]
released the 15th of june on Continental Records
melodic 80′s pop infused nu-disco

Jerry Bouthier,
moitié dU duo JBAG
et co-fondateur de Continental Records,
sur Intruders TV

Collective Machine - ‘Lux EP
released the 18th of may on Time Has Changed Records
groovy dubby and techy latina-infused house

Timid Boy,
manager de Time Has Changed Records,
sur Intruders TV

Timid Boy,
manager de Time Has Changed Records,
… à nouveau sur Intruders TV

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