Andreas Gehm | Deadboy | Darius Syrossian | Kalyde

5 EPs released on Suspected, Unknown to the Unknown, Leena Music, No Idea’s Original
Darius Syrossian – ‘Beetham Tower
releasedd the 22nd of april on Leena Music
bulbous bass driven techno and vintage wonky ravey house

Leena Music co-founder, Anja Schneider
on Intruders TV

Deadboy – ‘White Light Gemini
released the 20th of may on Unknown to the Unknown
subtle spaced out and dreamy chromatic garage

Unknown to the Unknown founder,
DJ Haus on Intruders TV
(in duo-interview with DJ Stingray)

Kalyde – ‘Keep Me Hanging
released the 10th of june on No Idea’s Original
twisted layered and distorted atmospheric house

No Idea’s Original founder,
Huxley on Intruders TV

Andreas Gehm – ‘I Drop Acid Tonight / Panic (Remixes)
released the 15th of may on Suspected
steely percussive and intense drama doomy remixes of acid orginals

Andreas Gehm - ‘Panic / I Drop Acid Tonight’
released in april 2015 on Suspected
mesmerizing ravey acid techno

Andreas Gehm on Intruders TV

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