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Toxic Avenger | Kosco | Trunkline | Audiosense

4 EPs released on Roy Music, Way of House,
Trunkline and Neverending Records
Kosco – ‘Quartzite
released the 11th of may on Way of House
deep and melodic tech house

Greg Delon,
fondateur de Way of House,
sur Intruders TV

The Toxic Avenger – ‘Globe, Vol. 2
released the 9th of june on Roy Music
cinematic trip into dark electro-pop, vaporwave and electro-clash

The Toxic Avenger sur Intruders TV

Audiosense – ‘Fr3ak
released the 23rd of may on Neverending Records
groovy and funky bass driven tech house

Citizen Kain
co-fondateur de Neverending Records,
sur Intruders TV

Trunkline – ‘Rave jam EP
released the 12th of june on Trunkline
intense rich-textured raw techno

half of Trunkline,
sur Intruders TV

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