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Common | Karriem Riggins

2 albums of conscious and instrumental hip-hop with a jazzy touch released on Def Jam / ARTium Recordings and Stones Throw Records
Karriem Riggins – ‘Headnod Suite
released the 24th of february on Stones Throw Records

Stones Throw label manager Europe,
Alex Robinson
on Intruders TV

Common - ‘Black America Again
released the 4th of november on ARTium / Def Jam Recordings

Common on Intruders TV

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Elekfantz || Common || Lionel Weets

3 albums released these 3 latest months
on D.O.C., ARTium / Def Jam Recordings and Motech

from pop-infused electronic songs to Soul Jazz Detroit Techno style
via political Chicago rap

Elekfantz – ‘Dark Tales & Love Songs
released the 2nd of june on D.O.C.
beautiful pop-infused electronic songs and soundscapes
with intimate melodies, lush harmonies and organic undertones

D.O.C. label founder, Gui Boratto
on Intruders TV

Common – ‘Nobody’s smiling
released the 22nd of july on ARTium / Def Jam Recordings
dark political’n'lyrical rap about Chicago
on smooth and sophisticated sounds

Common on Intruders TV
Lionel Weets – ‘Stellar Orchestra
released the 12th of may on Motech
Galaxy 2 Galaxy’s Detroit Soul Jazz Tech style
with deep, soulful and melodic sounds

Motech label founder, DJ 3000
on Intruders TV

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Frankie Reyes, Common, Hollie Cook, Jorge Caiado

4 peaceful atmospheres beyond boundaries of musical genres
from downtempo to deep house via reggae dub and spiritual rap
on Gifted & Blessed, Artium/Def Jam, Mr Bongo and Balance labels
Frankie Reyes – ‘Technoindigenous Studies EP No. 1
released the 3rd of june on Gifted & Blessed
peaceful downtempo flow with ancestral voices approach

Frankie Reyes aka GB on Intruders TV
Common – ‘Kingdom‘ feat. Vince Staples
released the 30th of may on Artium / Def Jam Recordings
first single taken from the album’Nobody’s Smiling’
coming up the 22nd of july
spiritual rap with oulfull beats and gospel samples background

Common on Intruders TV
Hollie Cook – ‘Looking For Real Love / 99
(taken from Hollie’s second album ‘Twice‘)
released the 10th of june on Mr Bongo
sweet reggae dub with cinematic-like chords

Hollie Cook on Intruders TV
Jorge Caiado – ‘Fragil / Trintaeum EP’
coming up the 1st of july on Balance
[UPDATE: finally released the 23rd of february 15 on Inner Balance]
classy brilliant chords deep house

Balance label founder
Chez Damier on Intruders TV

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