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Donald Mayhem | DJ Marky

breaking the beat via Chicago rap and Brazil drum’n'bass

2 albums released
on Jericho Lounge Music and Innerground Records
Donald Mayhem – ‘Skywritters
released the 30th of june on Jericho Lounge Music
urban poetry through high flying hip hop
with smart beat’n'rhymes and fluid meaningful vocal flows

Donald Mayhem aka Thaione Davies
(in interview with Infinito 2017
and Cosmo Galactus) on Intruders TV

DJ Marky ‎– ‘My Heroes
released the 15th of june on Innerground Records
wide exploration of drum’n'bass and even further afield
from full-tilt club fare to laid-back, house-laden grooves

DJ Marky on Intruders TV

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