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DJ Mourad | Daniele Kama & Alex Grandy | 1977 | Maxime Dangles

4 EPs just released on Time Has Changed Records and Dunsciat
or coming soon on Nice & Nasty and For Those Who Know ————————————————————————————————————
1977 – ‘Norman EP’
coming late-summer on For Those Who Know
Didier Allyne et John Sill,
fondateurs de For Those Who Know,
sur Intruders TV

Daniele Kama & Alex Grandy – ‘Goatee EP’
released the 30th of july on Time Has Changed Records

Timid Boy,
manager de Time Has Changed Records,
sur Intruders TV

DJ Mourad – ‘Transaphrika EP’
coming the 25th of august on Nice & Nasty

DJ Mourad sur Intruders TV ————————————————————————————————————
Maxime Dangles – ‘Conduktion EP’
released the 11th of august on Dunsciat

Maxime Dangles sur Intruders TV

… stay tuned…