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Romuald & Madji’k ||| Lisière Collectif ||| Thomas Roberts ||| Thurman

from lush sexy deep house to catchy minimalist techno
via joyful disco electro-pop and groovy dark techno

4 EPs released on Continental Records, Neverending Records,
Phonogramme and Time Has Changed Records
Thurman – ‘Let U Down EP
released the 17th of august on Time Has Changed Records
shiny to dark sexy deep house

Timid Boy,
manager de Time Has Changed Records
sur Intruders TV

Romuald & Madji’k – ‘Fastlane
released the 17th of july on Continental Records
joyful disco electro-pop

Jerry Bouthier,
co-fondateur de Continental Records,
sur Intruders TV

Thomas Roberts – ‘Knight of Love
released the 13th of july on Neverending Records
groovy percussive dark techno

Citizen Kain,
co-fondateur de Neverending Records,
sur Intruders TV

Lisière Collectif ‎– ‘Rue Cameliei
released the 24th of august on Phonogramme
catchy flying minimalist techno

Didier Allyne et John Sill,
fondateurs de Phonogramme
(subdivision de Syncrophone Recordings)
sur Intruders TV

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