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Damon Wild + Tim Taylor | Max Cooper

2 Remixes albums
released by Synewave + Missile Records and Mesh
Max Cooper - ‘Emergence Remixed
released the 31th of march on Mesh
dancefloor oriented rhythmic reworks
of the electronica + ambient techno original album

Max Cooper
Intruders TV

Damon Wild + Tim Taylor – ‘Bang the Acid – Rebanged!
initially released in 2013
and re-issued the 17th of april on Synewave / Missile Records
various re-interpretations of the acid techno classic

Tim Taylor
Intruders TV

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Wild & Taylor | 04LM | Kaiserdisco | The Deals

4 EPs released on Missile, Soma, 100% Pure and Sci+Tec
The Deals – ‘Maniac EP
released the 7th of october on SCI+TEC
dark climbing and bubbling throbbing sci-fi techno

SCI+TEC label founder,
on Intruders TV

04LM – ‘Atchigate
released the 19th of september on Soma Records
thumping emotive deep, atmospheric and sub aquatic techno

Soma co-founders,
on Intruders TV

Wild & Taylor – ‘Bang The Acid (Claude Young Remixes)
released the 3rd of october on Missile Records
deconstruction of acid techno classic… without acid

Tim Taylor
Intruders TV

Kaiserdisco - ‘Seismic EP
released the 12th of september on 100% Pure
throbbing rhytmyc loopy techno

100% Pure founder,
2000 and One
on Intruders TV

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Tim Taylor and Thor 54 | And.ID | A++ & Rosper | Antonio Giampietro

4 EPs released on Missile Records, mobilee, SCI+TEC and Motech
Antonio Giampietro – ‘Perfect Day EP
released the 4th of april on Motech
jackin’ housey & Detroit-like funky melodic techno

Motech label founder,
DJ 3000 on Intruders TV

And.Id - ‘Toxo
released the 29th of april on Mobilee
rolling minimal and deep hypnotic techno

Mobilee label co-founder,
Anja Schneider on Intruders TV

A++ & Rosper - ‘Bombshell
released the 20th of may on SCI+TEC
dark minimal menacing throbbing techno

SCI+TEC label founder, Dubfire
on Intruders TV

Tim Taylor and Thor 54 – ‘Over the Hill
Re-released the 16th of may on Missile Records
(Originally released in 2001)
old school pumpy ravey raw techno

Tim Taylor and Thor 54‘Over the Hill (Oxia + DJ Rok Mixes)
Re-released the 30th of may on Missile Records
(Originally released in 2002)

Tim Taylor, on Intruders TV


Oxia sur Intruders TV

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Get Real | Woody McBride vs Tim Taylor | Dave DK | David Moran

4 EPs released on Dirtybird, Missile Records, Kompakt, Black13
Get Real – ‘Mind Yo Bizness / Snuffaluffagus
(Green Velvet & Claude VonStroke collaborative project)
released the 22nd of january on Dirtybird
future tech-funk

Claude VonStroke on Intruders TV
Dave DK – ‘Val Maira Remixe
released the 19th of january on Kompakt
melancholic melodic minimal techno

Kompakt co-founder Wolfgang Voigt
on Intruders TV

David Moran – ‘2099: Acid Imperialism
released the 11th of september on Black13
new generation of acid sound

Black13 label founder,
K’Alexi Shelby on Intruders TV

Woody McBride vs Tim Taylor – ‘Clone Dancer
released the 11th of january on Missile Records
old school acid techno with modern re-interpretations

Woody McBride on Intruders TV


Tim Taylor on Intruders TV

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