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Alix Perez / Zero T | Jordan | Ronnie Spiteri | Spartaque

4 EPs released on Dispatch Recordings, No Idea’s Original,
Leena and Bitten
Jordan‘Late Night Libertine EP
released the 18th of november on No Idea’s Original
bouncing, thumping and swirling house

No Idea’s Original founder, Huxley
on Intruders TV

Alix Perez / Zero T – ‘The Ladders / Enemy Of Reason
released the 14th of october on Dispatch Recordings
rolling and gritty eerie tech-funk drum’n'bass
(Dubplate series)

Alix Perez on Intruders TV
Ronnie Spiteri – ‘Underwater
released the 28th of october on Leena Music
blend of tribal techno and driving house

Leena Music co-founder, Anja Schneider
on Intruders TV

Spartaque – ‘From The Streets
released the 24th of october on Bitten
warm pumpy colorful techno

Bitten label co-founder, 2000 and One
on Intruders

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Sigha | Fierce & Zero T | d_func. | Ambivalent

4 EPs released on Token, Metalheadz, Affin LTD and Kompakt Extra
Sigha – ‘Christ Figures / New Puritan
released the 19th of august on Token
theatrical graceful medidative and pulsating paranoid lunar techno

Sigha on Intruders TV
d_func. ‎– ‘Unified Fields EP
released the 9th of june on Affin LTD
powerful bewitching atmospheric and melodic techno

d_func. aka Alexander Kowalski
… soon on Intruders TV

Fierce & Zero T – ‘Bonesmen / In Circles
released the 22nd of july on Metalheadz
dark tech and deep dreamy groovy d’n'b

Metalheadz founder, Goldie
on Intruders TV

Ambivalent – ‘Speicher 92
released the 5th of july on Kompakt Extra
dynamic throbbing and eerie hypnotic techno

Kompakt label co-founder,
Wolfgang Voigt on Intruders TV

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