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Newworldaquarium | Moby | Daze | Bambooman

4 EPs released on NWAQ, 2DIY4,
Unknown to the Unknown and Accidental Jnr
Bambooman – ‘Feel EP
released the 12th of august on Accidental Jnr
leftfield mixture of cascading soundscapes
from ethereal ambient to broken spaced out techno and electronica

Accidental Records founder,
Matthew Herbert on Intruders TV

Newworldaquarium - ‘The Games That We Play
originally released in 2005 on New Religion
and re-issued the 16th of october on NWAQ
broken extreme atmospheric and dreamy liquid deep techno

Newworldaquarium on Intruders TV
Moby – ‘Moby Remixes
released the 2nd of december on 2DIY4
deep, rumbling, broken percussive and groovy melodic house remixes

2DIY4 label founder, Solomun
on Intruders TV

Daze – ‘Leisure Complex
released the 2nd of september on Unknown to the Unknown
spacey dreamy melodies
on liquid funk, d’n'b and jungle breaks then acid house rhythmic

DJ Haus on Intruders TV
(in duo-interview with DJ Stingray)

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K’ Alexi Shelby | Interpol | Alix Perez & Ivy Lab | Roberto Clementi

4 EPs released on K Klassik, 2DIY4,
Critical Recordings and Soma Records
K’ Alexi Shelby – ‘When Kats Bark
released the 14th of march on K Klassik
soulful percussive jazz funk house

K’Alexi Shelby on Intruders TV
Interpol – ‘Everything Is Wrong (Solomun Remixes)
released the 29th of april on 2DIY4
emotive deep and echoing remixes of a moody and melodic orginal track

2DIY4 label founder, Solomun
on Intruders TV

Roberto Clementi – ‘Wall of People‘ [inc Zenker Brothers Remix]
released the 18th of april on Soma Records
solid pulsating dark techno with heavy sub beats

Soma Records founders,
Slam on Intruders TV

Alix Perez & Ivy Lab – ‘Arkestra EP
released the 26th of february on Critical Recordings
liquid relaxing drum’n'bass + heavier grimey downtempoi

Alix Perez on Intruders TV

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Perseus Traxx + Jozef K + Winter Son | Grace | Recondite | Lehar

4 EPs released on Chiwax, Avian, Hotflush Recordings and 2DIY4
Lehar feat. Rush Midnight – ‘Number One Hero
released the 19th of march on 2DIY4
lush romantic & emotive melodic vocal house

2DIY4 label founder, Solomun
on Intruders TV

Recondite – ‘Phalanx
released the 18th of march on Hotflush Recordings
subtle  intricating & narrative deep techno

Hotflush Recordings founder,
Scuba on Intruders TV

Grace – ‘Grace
originally released in june 2015 on Ascetic House
and re-released (in vinyl) the 21st of march on Avian
transgressive experimental noise & industrial techno

Avian label founder, Shifted
on Intruders TV

Perseus Traxx + Jozef K + Winter Son ‎– ‘Made With Black Energy
released the 14th of december on Chiwax
stripped back dub to raw techno full of reverb and acid

Perseus Traxx on Intruders TV

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Jan Blomqvist | Solomun | Rob Hes | Far Too Loud

4 EPS just released on Motor Music, 2DIY4, Herzblut Recordings and No Tomorrow Recordings

from shiny pop-electronic ballad to pulsative electro beats
via liquid modern deep house and mystical techno
Jan Blomqvist – ‘Time Again EP’
released the 11th of july on Motor Music
shiny melodic ballad through a warm fusion between acoustic pop-folk and electronic elements

Jan Blomqvist on Intruders TV
Solomun – ‘Friends
released the 7th of july on 2DIY4
liquid dreamy journey through modern deep house house

Solomun on Intruders TV
Rob Hes – ‘Blacklist EP’
released the 26th of june on Herzblut Recordings
mystical brain-catching driving techno

Herzblut label founder,
Stephan Bodzin on Intruders TV

Far Too Loud – ‘Boom!
released the 7th of july on No Tomorrow Recordings
energic pulsative electro beats

Far Too Loud on Intruders TV


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